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At Voltalab, recording and production is in our DNA. We’ve carefully created a warm and friendly client-led recording space where we can help artists and musicians achieve their ideal sounds, with phenomenal quality output.


The studio is set up for all scenarios. We have isolation capabilities to record a full live band and are also equipped for multitrack recording, capturing one musician at a time. With the whole studio connected, performers have as much flexibility as they need – for example, the guitarist working with the producer in the control room whilst tracking their amp in the live room.


Each piece of the studio’s impressive kit has been hand selected to help you make amazing music. Artists benefit from a classic microphone selection, like Neumann, Shure, vintage STCs and AKGs, along with a pre-amp selection that includes Neve, SSL and Audient. Adjustable acoustic panels help achieve a clear and distinctive timbre. Spoken word recordings like audiobooks, voiceovers and ADR benefit from our floating floor, which keeps the live room silent and isolated.


We have great relationships with the best session musicians on the scene and can help you source them for your project. They know how we work and vice versa, meaning a smooth collaboration for our artists. If you’re mid-recording and need a bit of additional production support and guidance, we can help with that too. So if your bedroom demo needs live drums, or your vocals need the highest quality room and mics to finish them off to the uppermost standard, we can help. Our supplementary recording will complete your project to the highest quality.


Add to the mix more than a decade’s worth of sound engineering and production expertise, and it’s clear that your recording is in the safest of hands at Voltalab Sound Studios.

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